Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Hospital being planned

Plans for a medical office building and 50-room hospital in San Jacinto were unveiled Friday night. The Development Advisory Group, headed by William C. Arsenault, made the announcement to a group of more than 100 people.

The San Jacinto Physicians’ Hospital will be part of the city Gateway project and located near the intersections of Sanderson Road, the Ramona Expressway and Highway 74 exiting Lamb’s Canyon.

The first phase will be a medical office building and hospital. The medical office building will be compleed first since it requires less state compliance and ovesight.

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  1. Neal Simpson, M.D.July 28, 2009 at 3:11 PM

    This second hospital would be a god-send and help, not hurt, VHS. The only concern is that it is likely that any physicians that participate in the purchase of the VHS assets out of bankruptcy will be prohibited from participating in other hospital development projects. Just think on this, imagine if you're getting admitted to a particular hospital because your doctor doesn't have a choice. The physicians and their patients will effectively be 'captured'. It would be sad if they could not participate in this very necessary project.

    Neal Simpson, M.D.


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