Monday, December 7, 2009

Idyllwild School

Just in from Cal Trans, chain requirements!

Chains are required on all commercial vehicles (trucks or buses). All other vehicles

(cars, pick-ups, vans, etc.) must have either snow tread tires or chains on the drive axle.

This applies to following highway sections:

SR-74 from Mountain Center to Pinyon Dr.

SR-243 from SR-74 to Idyllwild

SR-371 from Anza to SR-74

School was out early — 1 p.m. guess all you parents are excited to welcome home the kids. Drive safely.

It's still snowing here, I think, but could be wrong, but we've exceeded the 1 inch limit the national Weather Service promised this morning.

Not many stores open today. Idyllwild Pharmacy is and the Chamber of Commerce is open. Call and ask for Andrea Cunningham, she has weather reports. 659-3259!

Oh yes, we're celebrities, Channel 2 from the desert was here today, they want to compare the snowfall to a sand storm. Huh?

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  1. Leave it to my brother (Jimmy) to walk around in a snow storm in shorts and a t-shirt. I'd say it's unusual, isn't.


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