Thursday, June 17, 2010

Supervisor Stone's comments

During the Idyllwild Business Roundtable (IBRT) dinner for 3rd District Supervisor Jeff Stone, he made several announcements regarding the idyllwild’s future.


“I’m tired of the delay.” Stone began after announcing he had come directly to idyllwild from a meeting about the situation regarding the proximity of the propane to the Idyllwild Library. The idea of enlarging the library has been bouncing between the town and the county supervisors since 2000.

Stone said the county has decided to completely remodel the library at its present location. He said the remodeled facility will incorporate “green” concepts, abundant skylights and infused with state of the art technology.

For example, based on the new constructed library in Menifee and Sun City, individuals will be able to check out books using computers, thus avoiding the wait for the librarian to serve everyone.

Using Community Development Building funds, the county may be able to contribute $400,000 to $500,000 for the refurbishment of the town’s library.

Historic Preservation

Stone said the he has found money to complete the historic preservation overlay study. This step should be compelted within the next nine months. He is anxious to accomplish this project and avoid or deter the many frivolous lawsuits the were filed in Julian over the past five years.

Lemon Lily Proclamation

Stone read the Board of supervisor’s proclamation that will be adopted at Tuesday’s meeting. Doug Yagaloff distributed copies of “Lemon Lily, … I love you” song, written by Marilyn O’Connor. He said the locals who attend the Supervisors meeting will serenade the board before the proclamation’s approval.

A copy is posted in the previous blog. See below.

Idylliwild Trailer Park

“We’re putting the [owner] on notice,” Stone said. Remediation and mitigation work needs to occur, he said. Then emphasized that he and county will enforce the safety requirements with as much compassion as possible.

“We won’t close it down, but we won’t jeopardize the safety of Idyllwild,” he stressed. “We all need to be compassionate and cooperative.” But he expects cooperation to work in both directions.

Public restrooms

The county is also investigating the use of modular equipment which could accommodate visitors to the town. A site with water and plumbing may be necessary, he said. But the county is actively exploring options for this long-time problem.


“Idyllwild is a very important part of the county,” Stone emphasized and added his excitement over how many events will be held in the six months starting July 1. He mentioned the Lemon Lily Festival, Jazz Festival, the Christmas Tree Lighting and the next film festival.

Finally, he did declare how much Idyllwild means to him and this district. Following this year’s census, the county will be redistricting its five supervisorial districts and Stone wants to keep Idyllwlld. He gave notice that he may ask for support at future board meeting to help ensure it remains in the his district.

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