Friday, November 19, 2010

Tree Monument

The Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce is still planning on moving David Roy's Tree Monument to the center of the village, according to Chamber Director Nick Todd. The move is scheduled for Tuesday morning, Nov. 23.
The above photos were taken during Thursday's attempt to move the Tree Monument. Photos by Marshall Smith

In the meantime, the Chamber and Roy are trying to iron some details, which explains why Roy has placed the "For Sale" sign on the art work.

Photo taken Friday, Nov. 19 by James Larkin

More to follow


  1. "Ironing out the details" explains putting up a "for sale" sign? Huh? Sounds like more unethical posturing from Mr. Roy as part of the continuing intimidation of the town and Chamber. It's funny how the Chamber was patting itself on the back congratulating new membership numbers due to their skillful handling of this character.

  2. I am surprised that he would post a "For Sale" sign, considering that he was paid $7700 initially to carve this beast, and the town owns it already. Maybe he thinks that $7700 wasn't enough?


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