Sunday, November 29, 2009

Snow — day 2

It's Sunday. The weather service says its warmer today, so I went out and took some photos of "Day 2" of the Snowstorm no. 1.

With an El Niño winter weather pattern forecast, I'm sure this is just the beginning.

So you can see Tahquitz to the right – grey and snowy. that's taken looking east.

Now this shot is looking south across Garner Valley. The sky looks greyer to me. These mountains are an even lower elevation than Idyllwild and they are clearly snow covered.

Now this is a panoramic of the Saddle and the San Jacintos above Fern Valley. Be patient and look at one more photo below.

This is looking west over the Hemet Valley. this is our expected afternoon weather unless the air and ground are too cold to move the clouds.

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  1. Yahoo! weather (The Weather Channel, FWIW) says it's 54 degrees right now. Bwahahaha! Where are they getting this stuff from? My thermometers up here at Fern Valley Corners, if I may use the initial caps so liberally, haven't cracked 35 all day. I'm going to predict ice overnight. I know, bold.


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