Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yes, a quake

May be it was love, but yes you felt the earth move today, about 15 minutes ago, we felt a pretty good earthquake here in Idyllwild. This was not MDP's shake up!

Prelimnary U.S. Geological Survey data indicate it was between 5.4 and, possibly as strong as, 5.9 earhquake near Borrego Springs.

Anyone here experience any damage?

received this message from MDP:

Well, our Shake Up drill is most timely. The shaker many of you just felt was a 5.6 to 5.9 centered in Borrego Springs/Anza and some of you experienced phone outage including our household in Fern Valley. Our MDP radio check in reported some pictures askew and a Kachina at the Alt house fell over. Email with Verizon stayed on.

That is just plain "too close for comfort". Please "be prepared".

See you Saturday at the drill. If you need the info again, email me at


  1. there are reports of a rock slide caused by the quake, possibly near the tramway. anyone have further info? hope no one was injured, i have a highline location on that side of the mtn i might need to check on.

  2. Our San Diego NBC news station aired a still photo of the large dust cloud caused by the rock slide; pray no one was hiking in that area. Here in SW Escondido, we felt it strongly. Our dogs jumped up and began pacing. There was a great amount of noise that sounded like a heavy vehicle rumbling down our street; several seconds of rapid shaking followed by an unsettling rolling motion that made me lose my footing. My colleagues at Scripps Oceanography (geophysicists, so they usually know more then the geologists) aren't yet certain if this was new earthquake along the San Jacinto fault or an after shock from the April Baja quake.


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