Monday, March 14, 2011

Casey Abrams out of hospital and eager for Wednesday

American Idol finalist and Idyllwild resident Casey Abrams was released from the hospital today and is eager to sing in Wednesday's American Idol competition.

Abrams suffers from ulcerative colitis, an intestinal condition that can be both genetically influenced and stress aggravated.

Abrams was able to work from the hospital using Skype on the arrangements for this week's performance with AI producer Don Was. He will be in rehearsal on Monday for Wednesday's show.

According to mother Pam Pierce, Casey "sends his bear hugs to the town and Idyllwild Arts and to everyone who helped by their thoughts, wishes and prayers."

American Idol airs on Wednesday, March 16 at 8 p.m. Viewers will have a two hour window at the telecast's conclusion to vote for Casey.

Results air on Thursday, March 17, St. Patrick's Day. One contestant of the remaining 12 will be eliminated if not saved by a unanimous vote of the judges.

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  1. I focused in immediately that something was wrong and once I found out why he was missing from group photos I was seeing it all made sense. But when posts were being made that he could be cut if he did not make it back in time for a Men's Group Video that first week for the top 13, I was angered at AI. I am glad, however, to see that they are working with him. It's not like on SYTYCD, when a dancer become severely injured and can't dance.... in this case, his illness does not affect his ability to sing. Even on SYTYCD, if a dancer is too hurt or ill for a week, but still able to compete, the judges look at a rehearsal tape to vote on. I think the same could be, and should be, done for Casey. He has a HUGE fan base, so if AI let him go, I think they would lose a LOT of viewers. THANK YOU to AI for working with Casey. And I'm saying continued prayers for his improved health and deserved success.


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