Monday, March 21, 2011

Hwy 74 locally okay, but damage in and near Orange Cty

From CalTrans:

State Route 74 in Riverside and Orange Counties was damaged over
weekend by the storm. There are two locations where the
route sustained
slipouts: One just below the "Dome House" or post
mile 9.6 in Riverside
County (Caltrans District 8), and one between
the "Candy Store" and San
Antonio in Orange County (Caltrans District 12).

Orange County Update:
Damage to the location in Orange County is now under emergency
contract and
the completion date is unknown at this time. Below are
the hours the route
will be open to through traffic by direction only
(to accommodate commuter

Eastbound traffic will be given access between 2:30 pm and
5:30 am
until further notice.

Westbound traffic will be given access between 6:00 am to
2:00 pm
until further notice.

For future updates to the emergency repairs on the Orange County
section of
Hwy 74, please contact Caltrans District 12, Public Affairs,
at (949)
724-2000 or go to Facebook under "Caltransdistrict12".

Riverside Update:
There is no emergency contract for the Riverside location of
Maintenance crews will be working to make repairs
tomorrow, Tuesday, March
22, from 8:30 to approximately noon.
During this time the route will be
under one way traffic control.
These repairs are expected to be completed

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