Friday, April 8, 2011

Forest Service shutdown

In the event, the federal government can not avert a shutdown of activities becasue of the lack of authority to spend money, the San Bernardino National Forest and specifically the San Jacinto Ranger District will be affected.

Fire suppression activities will be exemptd from the shutdown, but normal recreation programs will be closed until the government reopens. The following is from the U.S. Department of Agriculture web site:

US Forest Service
April 7, 2011

Contingency Plan for Agency Close Down Procedures

This plan assumes that some Agency activities will continue and are essential to protect life and property and are excepted from close down procedures, such as:

1. Fire Suppression including fire fighters and all necessary equipment costs to protect life and property.

2. Law Enforcement personnel and all necessary equipment costs to protect life and property.

3. Emergency and Natural Disasters Response (i.e., floods)

4. Protection of Federal lands, buildings, waterways, equipment and other property and investments owned by the United States when the suspension of such activities would cause an imminent threat to human life and property. This includes nurseries, insectaries, tree seed labs, and the minimum level of staffing to administer permits and contracts needed for protection of National Forest lands.

5. All contracts in support of cyber security and infrastructure operations to support key positions and essential personnel.

6. Protection of Research studies where lack of continuation measurements or maintenance would destroy or endanger validity of research findings. Includes green houses, growth chambers, etc.

7. Job Corps operations unless directed otherwise by Department of Labor.

8. Collection and Payment activities for previous legal obligations.

9. Excepted positions and support of excepted personnel as needed for close down procedures

10. Emergency and Defense Preparedness

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  1. Apparently the FS selected what was necessary to protect life and property


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