Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daily News!

Today begins a new Town Crier service.

We will endeavor to post a new story daily. This will be posted in a new blog, entitled "Daily News".

This blog is different from "Breaking News". We will try to limit the latter to suddenly occurring, unexpected and highly important news to share. Examples would include school closings, weather, fires, accidents and situations that immediately affect us on the Hill.

The "Daily News" will be stories that will appear in the next print issue of the paper. They may be an early version and the story is further developed for the print version. Sometimes the story might be simply notice of important community meetings occurring that week, for example, the Historic Preservation meeting or Assemblyman Nestande's Town hall meeting.

No more meeting agendas will be appearing in the "Breaking News" blog. Plus we provide a guarantee that something new will be online every week day and sometimes on weekends.

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