Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weather Saturday

Well, Idyllwild awoke to sunshine (I think). it was so bright, I could barely see. Here's an example

Some clouds have been rolling in from the south, but it is still mostly sunny.The National Weather Service is forecasting more of the blue skies through Monday evening, then maybe more precipitation.

We've received more than 5.5 inches of rain since last Sunday, but the total is still well shy of the average annual rain. So don't assume the drought is over becasue of one series of storms.

Snowfall seems to be a minimum of 12 inches and approaching 2 feet in most accessible areas.

for more photos of yesterday and this morning, see "JP's blog", just look to your right and click.

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  1. Howdy! Here's a little tidbit from the James Reserve:

    This Month's Rain: 6.50 inch
    This Rain-Year's Rain: 15.59 inch
    Average Annual Rainfall: 25.54 inch (from Idyllwild Fire Station, 1948-2004)

    We're ten inches down for the year? We'd need another 1.538 months like this one to break even, but I don't think my back can take shoveling that much snow. Can you do a cost breakdown comparing a low-flow toilet compared to a chiropractor? Thanks!


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