Tuesday, August 25, 2009

IFPD election results

Three new faces will be sitting in the front of the IFPD meeting room after December 4. That's the date the commissioner-elects will be officially sworn.

Of course, stranger thiings have happened and one or more might be invited to be seated sooner. Afterall Commissiioner Lloyd Vaught has already expressed a desire to retire from the board. Now he will be.

Victors Dr. Charles "Chip" Schelly and Jeannine Charles-Stigall won commission seats in a surprisingly easy race. The voters overwhelmingly retired all of the incumbents except for Ben Killingsworth. (Vote totals are below.)

As of 9 p.m., Tuesday evening, Registrar of Voters Barbara Dunmore said write-in candidate Steve Kepler had 138 votes with more ballots to be counted. So it is possible that he may eventually slip past Killingsworth, although it is a long-shot.

Schelly and Jeannine each polled more than twice Glen McWilliam's and Earl Parker's vote totals. Both received more votes than President Paul Riggi did two years ago.

Unless a surprise occurs, the composition of the IFDP commission in December will be Riggi, Killingsworth, Schelly, Charles-Stigall and Pete Capparelli, who along with Riggi will be up for election in 2011.

Candidate Vote Count Percent
Schelly 460 30.30
Charles-Stigall 403 26.55
Killingsworth 251 16.53
McWilliams 172 11.33
Parker 170 11.20
Vaught 62 4.08


  1. Gee, I hope they can clean up this mess. Looks like the chief is concerned since he's working so hard on his new business.

  2. Thank God!
    Informed voters (almost) cleaned house. Killingsworth had better take notice and take a back seat in the boardroom. (Or resign, would be even better.)

    And our "so-called" Chief had better hone up his acting skills, because that may soon become his day job!

    Anonymous II

  3. December can't come fast enough!

    Let's hope the current board doesn't pull any shenanigans on their way out. They need to be watched even closer now!


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