Friday, August 28, 2009

St. Park reservations

The Mt. San Jacinto St. Park has decided to call campers with weekend reservations offeriing a full rebate, according to Superintendent Garret Aitchison.

"With limited staff, I'm worried about an emergency evacuation," he said. And he acknowledged this was strictly a state park decision.

In contrast, John Miller, the information source for the incident command structure assigned to the Cottonwood Fire, said," We have left all the campgrounds and picnic areas open. The last thing we want is put a nail in the coffin of the town."

Miller and other fire officials are more than confident that the Hill can be alerted to an imminent danger well before the emergency is on our doorstep.

While the rumor yesterday was that the Idyllwild Arts campus was evacuated, Idyllwild Fire Chief Steve Kunkle acknowledges he asked employees to keep in contact with their staff because they are dispersed around the campus. He did not call for an evacuation, but only suggested it might be temporarily safer in town.

This is JP's vow: If an evacuation is ordered, it will be posted on this site within minutes of learning about the decision. I will post if from my desk at the Town Crier. I will not be in San Diego, Palm Desert or on the beach.

We are here together. Being vigilant does not mean panic. Please come to the town meeting.


  1. Thank you. We can be vigilant without panicking, if we know that we can get accurate information here!

  2. The newsroom has dropped everything else just to work on this and keep the public informed.

  3. Thank you! I have a question about Reverse 911 calls. I have a couple of friends staying at our cabin up in Fern Valley. I've told him to fill up the car with gas and try to tune in to the radio station.

    He asked me if Idyllwild has a reverse 911 call system for evacuations, and I didn't know the answer.

  4. Yes, we do. If they only have a cell phone, they have to register it w/the service.

  5. Thank you JP. Knowing you and you integrity, I trust your guidance and appreciate your sincerity.

  6. Where do you register you cell phone for reverse 911?

  7. You can register you home phone number or you cell phone number by going to the Riverside County Fire Department website


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