Saturday, August 29, 2009

We interrupt this program …

So, for a momentary commercial break from Cottonwood — plus I don't want to confuse the fire information with other information — you should, I emphasize "should," go to JP's Blog.

I'd offer a beer, but the tap broke.

Anyway, the first photos from today's Jazz in the Pines are posted there. See what people were doing.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you why people came despite the fire.

Also, I'd like to share someone else's thoughts about the fire and Saturday morning.

Just go to the "dark" side, look to your right and click on "JP's Blog." Go ahead. It will be a safe and wholesome experience. Of course, to my friends of the "L" persuasion — "liberal" — it all depends on the definition of "be" and "and."

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