Tuesday, February 16, 2010

IFPD Special Mtg Feb. 17 Agenda

Here is the agenda for tomorrow's IFPD special meeting.



~ FEBRUARY 17, 2010 ~

The meeting is held at the Idyllwild Fire Station, 54160 Maranantha Drive. (No Workshop) Meeting begins @ 5:30 PM. The Board may approve or take action on items contained in the Discussion Calendar.


ROLL CALL: Riggi – Killingsworth – Schelly – Capparelli - StigallMulhall – Coopersmith(s)


Swearing in of New Interim Fire Chief Mike Mulhall

CITIZENS COMMENTS: Citizens may comment on any matter as contained on the Special Meeting Agenda. Individual citizen’s comments will be contained to five (5) minutes each as timed by a member of the board. *Optional Request* Please state your name and address before making comment.

* * * * See action items listed separately * * * * *



The next regularly scheduled IFPD Board Meeting is Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 5:30 pm workshop/6:00 pm Meeting


  1. Posting of permanent Chief’s Position: Advertising and offer to accept applications for Chief’s Position. Application for this position will be accepted from within the ranks as well as outside.
  2. Final Settlement for Chief Kunkle: Amount due to Retiring Chief Kunkle for accrued sick and vacation pay. Final regular paycheck to occur with payroll processed in March 2010.
  3. PERS issues: Commissioner Schelly requested report on reason for increase in amounts paid to PERS occurring over the last several years.
  4. Breakdown of assets and value of those assets: Commissioner Schelly requested listing of individual items and their value.
  5. Board Orientation Packet: inclusion of other items
  6. Recommendation to resolve temporary staffing shortage: The filling of temporary vacancies in the staff resulting from Cpt. Mulhall’s promotion to Interim Chief.
  7. Request by the Board for date and signature on all documents by person creating them: As indicated.
  8. Posting of Office Assistant Position: Placement of advertising and job description to fill this position.
  9. Legal Billing Issue: Review of voided check and correspondence.
  10. Approve and Accept Audits: Approval and Acceptance of prior years (June 30th 2004 thru 2008) audits.
  11. IFPD Resolution #490: Credit Card information to change Chief Financial Officer to Contact Person.
  12. IFPD Resolution #114: Schedule of Offenses & Penalties Policy (proofreading corrections only)
  13. IFPD Policy #110: General Rules and Regulations Policy. Update on Status. (proofreading corrections only)
  14. Hemet Dispatch Report: (LaMont): Update of progress and discussion of costs.
  15. Employee Roster and Certification: Update on status of report.
  16. Resolution of new bank signature cards: Update signatures to include Interim Chief Mike Mulhall and remove retiring Chief Steve Kunkle.

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