Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow snow snow Yes!!

We received many inches of snow last night. I'd estimate a minimum of 6 inches and maybe 8 to 9 inches just in the town center neighborhood. i haven't heard from Pine Cove or Fern Valley yet.

the really good news is the roads, including secondary streets, are all clear. Hwy 243 from the town entrance to village Center is plowed to the pavement. Some sun or temperatures above 38ยบ will turn the thin layer of snow and crusty ice to slush. There's gravel or ashes on the road too.

Kudos to CalTrans, Riverside County transportation and all of the local plow entrepreneurs to have turn a problem into a way to live and work in winter wonderland. Is this "Only in Idyllwild".

Perhaps not, but here's an idea. The Winter Olympics start in two days. Vancouver needs snow, Idyllwild has snow. Idyllwild needs commerce, Vancouver has billions. Why not hold some of the outside snow events here!!

I'll be writing the President of this Winter Olympics with this suggestion, but for those who read this early, get your room reservations now!

Pictures will come later. Sorry!

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  1. This comment is from Bob Haine and that is not a pseudonym.

    "This is the kind of innovative thinking that the Chamber of Commerce needs to promote Idyllwild as a winter destination. Maybe we could resurrect the old "Ski Tow" above Marion View Drive! There might be some logistical challenges, but I'm sure the "Governator" and the legislature up in Sacramento would be very interested in your idea." Bob Haine


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