Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More on Summer Work Experience Program

In addition to JP's recent post, what's pressing now, for the next two to three weeks, is for potential employers to contact Bill Brown. The list will be compiled first come first served according to Brown.

Brown explained that the county, using federal stimulus funds, will cover all expenses including salary and workman's comp insurance for the employed youth. The employer expends nothing out of pocket but must be willing to mentor their young employee and provide them a meaningful work experience. As an example, Brown explained that a young person, part of this program, working in a restaurant, should not be consigned to washing dishes, but should have some meaningful interaction with customers - experience that grows their preparation for and chances of finding good employment in the future. Both employers and potential young employees will be interviewed for appropriateness of fit - the right employee for the right job.

Businesses named by the county as potential employers include: newspaper, fire department, water district, automotive shop, retail store, restaurant, coffee shop, art gallery, museum, bakery, candy shop, gift shop, hardware store, grocery store, medical office,law office, music store, movie theater, sporting goods store, office/clerical, computer related, senior services, youth/family camp, arts and crafts, and inns and motels.

Brown hopes for 20 Idyllwild youth to be hired meaning that a wider group of applicants is needed to arrive at the 20 selected. Some may not be eligible if their family or their own income levels are too high. This program is targeted at lower income youth. The county encourages interested young people age 14 to 24 to apply. The county will provide transportation for Idyllwild youth to be interviewed in Hemet or see that the interviews are conducted locally.

If 20 local youth positions can be allocated, Brown said that could allow for the hiring of a local supervisor. Youth will be paid $8.00 and hour with no taxes taken out. A supervisor would be paid $16.00 and hour.

We will post when it is time for youth to apply.

Now is the time for employers to indicate interest, first come, first served.

Bill Brown may be reached at (951) 955-3212 (800) 984-1000 or by e mail at

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