Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SD 37 results

Assemblyman Bill Emmerson lead six other candidates for the opportunity to replace for St. Sen John Benoit in Sacramento. Unfortunately, his 41.6 percent was not sufficient to nullify the requirement for a general election between candidates representing the major parties.

Emmerson will confront Democrat Justin Blake and American Independent candidate Matt Monica on June 8. In that election, the winner only needs a plurality of the total vote to earn victory.

On Wednesday,if one candidate collected more than 50 percent of the total vote, the seat would have been filled. While Emmerson had nearly twice the number of votes as Russ Bogh, it was less than the 50 percent threshold; consequently the campaign continues for another two months.

Emmerson with the help of nearly $730,000 for independent expenditures reaped nearly 42 percent of the vote.. More than 90 percent bankrolled by California Dental Association Political Action Committees Combined with Bogh's 22 percent, the two Republicans collected nearly 64 percent (or two-thirds) of the total vote.

Turnout of 90,000 voters was just more than 20 percent of the district's registered voters. In the 2008 presidential election, more than 70 percent of voters cast a ballot. But compared to recent special elections, the SD 37 voters were active. In two 2009 special elections, turnout was less than 8 percent.

Although Emmerson outpolled all candidates. The combined voted of the next three highest candidates would barely equal Emmerson’s total.

Nevertheless, the candidate that was originally labeled a carpetbagger, one who rented a room from a friend, can now settle comfortably into the 37th District. While Republicans hold a slim 4 percent lead in registration, people willing to cast a ballot yesterday were more than three times likely to connect the arrow of a Republican candidate.

Even Bogh who lagged far behind Emmerson in fund raising was significantly more successful than Blake who starts the general election as a significant underdog.

Last Updated: April 13, 2010 11:42 PM
Registration & Turnout
468,233 Voters
Vote Count Percent
Vote by Mail Reporting Turnout 68,953 14.73%
Precincts Reporting Turnout 21,141 4.52%
Total 90,094 19.24%

State Senator 37th District
527/527 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
REP - BILL EMMERSON 36,507 41.61%
REP - RUSS BOGH 19,247 21.94%
DEM - JUSTIN BLAKE 12,253 13.97%
DEM - ANNA NEVENIC 7,524 8.58%
AIP - MATT MONICA 3,884 4.43%
REP - DAVID W. PETERS 2,036 2.32%

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