Sunday, April 11, 2010

SD 37 candidate Justin Blake campaigns in Idyllwild

Of seven candidates for Senate District 37 in the April 13 primary election, only two have come to Idyllwild to campaign, Republican Russ Bogh and on April 10 Democrat Justin Blake.

Blake, an elected school board member (Palm Springs Unified School District), professional actor, and small business owner, greeted Idyllwild voters at Cafe Aroma late afternoon on Saturday the 10th.

"Aroma Cafe was great," said Blake after the meet and greet. "Frank [Ferro] is a truly nice guy and they made me feel very welcome. I set up a table on the northside patio and greeted people as they came in for dinner. Very receptive and friendly crowd. I think I got some votes, and even registered seven people to vote!"

Although the Hill has nowhere the numbers of voters at the mountain's base, Hill voters routinely turn out in far greater numbers than in areas below. Two candidates thought our small town worthy of a visit and that is noteworthy.

Voting is a privilege and an honorable obligation. Voting in the April 13 primary is one of the those opportunities that comes with responsible citizenship.

Remember to vote.

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