Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 Ernie Maxwell Community Sprit award

The Town Crier is pleased to announce the three finalists for the 2011 Ernie Maxwell Community Spirit Award:

Idyllwild Community Fund for their grants to many local nonprofits affecting and supporting the whole community;

Mountain Community Patrol because it would be very difficult for organizations to hold community events without their traffic and crowd control help. They also remove graffiti on Highways 74 and 243 and check to see if town businesses are secure at night; and

The Woodies, from the Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council for creating fuelbreaks, helping elderly and disabled residents fire abate their properties, and cutting logs into firewood for the needy clients of the Idyllwild Help Center.

The Idyllwild community is invited to express its choice for the first Maxwell community spirit award. You can choose one of the finalist sby going to The voting will end 5 p.m., Wednesday, July 6 and the award will be presented Friday, July 8 at the Idyllwild Nature Center dinner in honor of EMAX.

We are also pleased to acknowledge that readers suggested five other notable and deserving nominees:

Idyllwild Art Alliance for its efforts and contributions to create an image and identification for Idyllwild as a nationally recognized fine arts center for education, creativity and exhibition;

Idyllwild Animal Rescure Friends, for the many many efforts to help lost and abandoned pets, especially cats and dogs.;

Cindy and Sparky Allert for their personal commitment to rescue and save hundreds of helpless raccoons;

Pete Capparelli, for being a true backbone of the community for countless years; and

Grace Moore, for her years of help and assistance to local residents and the Cottage Thrift Shoppe.

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  1. Not knowing Idyllwild history nearly well enough it would be good to add just a little paragraph about the story of Ernie Maxwell ? Maybe next time :)


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