Thursday, June 16, 2011

New state fire protection fees

Yesterday, the state legislature complied with the November proposition requiring that a fiscal year budget be adopted prior to June 15. The legislature adopted a budget that eliminated a $10 billion gap between revenues and expenses on a simple majority vote, without any Republican support.

More than a billion dollars of taxes and fees were part of the package, including a new $150 fee on property owners with structures within a state responsibility area (SRA).

According to Riverside County Fire Chief John Hawkins, Idyllwild and Pine Cove are within a SRA. The legislation defines a structure as “building used or intended to be used for human habitation.” a mobile home or manufactured home specifically qualify as structures. Any building that would require no fire protection would be exempt.

The fee will go into effect this fall if Gov. Jerry Brown signs the legislation. He has 12 days to make his decision.

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