Friday, June 24, 2011

Idyllwild Historic District

The Idyllwild Historic Preservation District is on the cusp of approval. The county Board of Supervisor’s has a resolution approving the establishment of the district on its agenda for Tuesday, June 28.

A public hearing on the district’s creation is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12.

About 152 properties fall within the district’s boundaries. According to Keith Herron, chief preservation officer for the Riverside County Park and Open Space District, about 65 of these have unique historic value.

The Riverside Historic Commission evaluated the proposal on March 17 and recommended its approval.

If the district is established, Herron said Ordinance 578 requires the following steps:

Notice all property owners within the District

Convene a local review board;

Develop district guidelines;

Conduct several community meetings; and

Integrate the Historic District Alteration Permit (which will need to be developed) procedures within the existing permit process.

Supervisor Jeff Stone has already set aside funding if the district is approved.


  1. You guys don't have a map of the district you could add here by any chance?

  2. In the story, the words "the district's boundaries" are highlighted. click on them and you will see a map of the proposed district.


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